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You must have a headset,both Interdiction and Escalation, At least Vet'ed once, and be a only valor player. As well "No matter what no team killing!!!"
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  Welcome all to AVR (A Valor Requiem)

We live we fight we go unnoticed. We pride ourselves in recruiting the best of the best. Quality not quanity is what we are about. Register to join us for we need stealth soldiers to go in unnoticed follow their section as well as be properly trained in the art of war. Harness your inner strengths and bring them in a job setup that we pride in "Commando".
This is not a game it is Shadow Wars and our goal is to make valor on top of the list. If you are Valor for life and like what you are hearing or have heard ask a officer today about trying out to join. "This is a exclusive clan not just anyone can join."

The Standard of AVR

All officers will not recruit without notifying the clan before they accept them in the clan. In addition they need to register for the clans website so we have everyone on the same page toward our goals.

No one officer will make decisions for our clan it is a 8 of 8 effort.

Every person in the clan will follow orders of the ones appointed over them in mission no exceptions.

No BS talking on the net during mission for any reason. (There will be fun missions but we are in this to win so follow orders.)

Everyone will follow there loadouts and specialty that is assigned to them before during and after missions.

Everyone is required to have a Headset to join the clan.

No new recruits will be accepted online in MAG all applicants must register on the website to join AVR.(NOTE: If you are accepted online via MAG before you register on the website you have 48 hours to register or you will be kicked from the clan with no option to rejoin.)

Every member must have at least went veteran once.(I know there are good players that are coming up or even refuse to vet.but this is a standard you may still join but we expect you to vet. at least once with AVR keep that in mind.)

When a group is setup do not stray away from what orders were given in your guidance.

Absolutely no Team-killing no matter what or you will be kicked from the clan this is your only warning.

No longer will members of AVR support or condone anyone person when matches end. Instead we will promote as a whole inside AVR meaning we promote ourselves as AVR for winning and doing well in the Shadow Wars. Example:After we win a match it won't be,"I got my grim reaper or good job John Smith for getting 1st MVP";it will be as such,"Good job Alpha squad or good going AVR."

You are required when called upon to group or clan deploy with AVR you do it no exceptions for if your not fighting for the clan in the Shadow Wars then you are just fighting for yourself.

If you have a problem inside the clan bring it up to an officer via sidelined or even threw the website via email do not bring drama to the group nor the clan.If the problem continue's I will handle it personally!

Attendence is key in AVR if you don't show your tenor in AVR you will be kicked no exceptions.

Once you are kicked from AVR you will not be recruited again no matter what.(I understand there are special cases and those matters will be handled as such.)

Be Sure to answer our application for our clan seriously. Conducting yourself in a unprofessional manner when answering them may hurt you when trying to join the clan.

If you want to earn your trophies for SVER and Raven I completely understand the trophy issue. You are only allowed to run after discussing it with me and me alone about making a new charater slot to have your 70 sver and 70 raven only once. After completeing your trophy run you are required to deleted that slot and come immediately back to AVR on your main character. In no way will you use your Main Character Slot on SVER or RAVEN once you are a member of AVR no exceptions or you will be removed from the clan permitly.

You are required to pick up every blue dot on the battlefield be it your squad mate or even a random blue dot for you never know that person could be a future AVR member as well as they are Friendly's on the battlefield.

If you are recruited via MAG in game and get the AVR title next to your name you have 48 hours from that to register on the website if you do not you will be removed from the clan for if you can't follow a simple task and register on the website then it shows your unable to follow orders in Shadow War missions.

<more standards will be posted so keep checking the standard>
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Redeeming Raid Points

biazejohnson, Jun 14, 11 11:20 AM.
Currently the Bank has not been setup. In time once we have enough frequent members online. I am going to invest in having AVR items that may be only purchased through Raid Points. Remember if you have member access and above you can sign up for friday and other events posted on the calender. Items that I am looking to invest in are AVR flask,Bumper stickers,Coffee mugs,T-shirts,Hats,etc.... This is to drive people to play more when we get the Bank up and running. I had some questions about the Raid Points and wanted to clarify futher for all the members that wanted insight on this. If you have any suggestions please comment on this Valor News to let me know. Lets stay strong AVR and destroy our enemy factions.

AVR 4 Life!


biazejohnson, May 27, 11 12:55 PM.

I think it is important to show concern to members of AVR so please email me your B-day so I can post it on the mission calender to get your happy birthday and your free 5 clan points.
 This is effective as of 27,May 2011.

EVERY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DWIGHT_K_SCHREWT, May 16, 11 6:07 PM.
Remember to be on for clan deploy every Friday everyone i want to see A BUNCH of people (everyone)..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

ALMOST UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DWIGHT_K_SCHREWT, May 14, 11 10:06 PM.
CHECK IT OUT BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to these link

Newsest update AVR from PSN

biazejohnson, May 13, 11 12:03 PM.
I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

biazejohnson---->Even though i am in the field they let us go home for 4 hours to shave and shower even though I am limited to time just wanted to keep our clan updated on PSN I am trying to be the best clan leader I can AVR. Have fun when PSN comes up as well as your lives you are enjoying while the network is down.Stay strong AVR.

Your clan leader
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